Saturday, November 28, 2015

Makin' a List and Checkin' it Twice

I have spent the last few weeks shopping for Christmas.  Hardcore shopping...  Online ha.  Once I realized I was not going to convince my family into a trip instead of gifts, I went to town!

Half of my family is super easy to shop for, and the other half is a little difficult.  Okay, I find it easy to shop for the girls, and the boys are the difficult ones.  My hubs is very good at coming up with "boy" gifts, so he is usually in charge of coming up with ideas for our dads and brother.

This week I'm sharing the things I have personally fallen in love with over the last year for the ladies in your life!

SHOES.  I love shoes.  I think most women naturally gravitate toward one accessory, whether it be shoes, hats, coats, jewelry (but who doesn't love jewelry?!), or bags.  Shoes are definitely mine.

I bought last year's version on a whim when I was desperate for a leather bootie, but didn't want to spend a fortune.  These have held up SO WELL, and I am super rough on my shoes.  Not to mention they are comfy all day and just under $100 regular price.  I have the Cognac color.  They're true to size.

These were on crazy sale and I had just blown through some flats I'd only had for 7 months (!), so I went for it.  I'm really picky with the fit of all my shoes, flats in particular.  If they are not comfortable and rub AT ALL, I will not wear them.  Flats are my consolation to heels at work if I'm know I'm going to be walking more than usual or need to give my feet a rest, so they better be comfy.  These are truly like wearing slippers and take no time to break in.  I have the Tawny Sand color.  True to size.

Last spring/early summer I was searching for a heeled or wedge sandal to wear to weddings, but not so fancy that I could not wear them to church or dinner out.  I stumbled across these at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but could not take the plunge as they were still more than I wanted to spend.  After searching for weeks, I could not find anything that even came close to comparing, and again, were comfy enough for this persnickety girl.  I settled on these once I was down to the wire and already in California for the aforementioned wedding and never looked back.  They are a staple in my summer wardrobe!  Color - Luggage & True to size.


This was a gift from my hubs for our second wedding anniversary.  I totally picked it out after I told him I really "needed" a new everyday bag and again, am far too controlling picky to give him the reigns.  Again, this was on sale and the slim zipper pockets lining the edges sold me.  I spent way too much time searching for the perfect handbag - my stipulations were that it needed to be medium-large in size, leather, have at least 5 pockets, and under $150.  This fit the bill perfectly and was just over $100 on an extra %25 of sale promotion at  I have also recently seen it in our local outlet store (it sold out on  Color - Magnolia/Clocktower.  I was told this bag is very Olivia Pope #highestcomplimentyoucangivesomeone

This is my mother-in-law's Christmas gift.  I was going for a medium-sized, leather bag in a trendy color and this. was. it.  It has three pockets on the outside, a divider with a pocket on the inside, and the typical cell, keys, and zipper pockets inside as well.  The burgundy color made me swoon.

I found this at Nordstrom Rack just before our Disney trip this summer.  Bags toted around the parks must be lightweight, yet still big enough to hold sunglass cases.  I was stoked to find this, albeit with a small stain on the back, for a steal.  I have used it for almost all of my shopping trips and nights out when I don't want to carry a normal sized handbag.  Buy it.


This gem came from a ski shop in Telluride.  We had already been to the Patagonia store up the street, and I was searching for this in hopes of finding it on sale since it was currently out of season.  Leaving defeated, we trudged on through the beautiful town, and low and behold, this was on a major sale in another store.  I snatched it up immediately and reveled in such a special find.  This dips a little in the back and is all the way to my ankles.  Coupled with my Uggs, I can take a leisurely winter stroll in negative temps.  I got it in black, and Patagonia tends to run a little small, so size up.  Moral of the story - check your closest ski shop for THEE BEST winter coats. 

This was a birthday present from my mama.  She found it at Saks Off Fifth and I can honestly say, it's true love.  I know the chances are slim of running across this now at Saks Off Fifth or elsewhere, but this is another feminine coat to rival it currently on
Her coats run true to size, and the wool is lined with silk for comfort and fit, while still keeping you warm!

I got an older version of this for my study abroad trip 4 years ago (geez I'm old.) and it is still like new.  It mainly functions as my rain coat, but I do grab it when the weather is in-between seasons.  The length is SO GREAT as it covers my hiney and keeps my legs mostly dry in the rain.  I have in in a light blue and it runs a little small, so go up a size.

Most of these items are on sale right now with Black Friday promotions, so check them out!

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