Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Best Things About Today

1.  The Frank Sinatra Tribute Concert on DVR - some of my fav singers belting out Frank's top hits! Think John Legend, Carrie Underwood, Harry Connick Jr, Garth Brooks, Alicia Keys, and the cutest - Adam Levigne.  I can't.

2.  Chocolate Fro-Yo from Jason's Deli - I MAY have went here for lunch, ordered a sandwich/salad bar combo, and proceeded to actually only eat cornbread muffins, crackers, and chocolate fro-yo.  may have.

3.  My momma just arrived in Orlando so the next few days will be filled with picture texts of the happiest place on Earth... and my most favorite.  Sure, I'm jealous, but this is a good consolation.

4.  Finding out my cousin will not be deployed to Afghanistan in a few months as originally planned.  Enough said.

5.  Watching T care for her new squeaky ball she got for Christmas.  She carries it with her EVERYWHERE.  It's even cuter because she's destroyed every non-Nylabone toy she's ever received, so for her to be kind and gentle with a squeaker toy?! Unheard of.  She randomly licks it and makes odd noses while playing with it.  I'm pretty sure she thinks it's alive, and it is definitely her new best friend.  Creepy? Yes.  Hilarious? Absolutely.

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