Sunday, January 10, 2016

10 on the 10th - January

We got our first real snow of the season today.  This coat is a MUST for anyone who experiences winter weather.  It does not allow cold air through at all and warms my bones when I'm out in the elements.  I already wrote about this here, but it deserves another shout out solely because of how many days in a row I've worn it lately.

2.  Bath and Body Works 3 wick Candles

Say no more right? I have noticed I get the most use out of these coincidentally when we are expecting company any minute and I'm hoping to cover the dog smell.  My fav scent currently is Frosted Cranberry.

3. The Slow Cooker

We are officially in slow cooker season.  I use mine at least once a week for a beef or chicken dish, cooking on low all day while we're at work and practically ready as soon as we walk through the door.  Tomorrow night we're having my take on Shay's Brown Sugar & Honey Mustard Beef Briskets. 

No other chapstick can top it.  Seriously.  I started using this year's ago at the recommendation of my sister when Burt's Bees just wasn't cutting it.  My sis had just visited the doc for some unbelievably awful sunburnt & chapped lips and he prescribed this.  OTC, non-medicated, and the best thing to heal dry lips.  The best part? It's only going to set you back $1 per tube.  I'm the one buying the entire stock when I am out.

5.  Workouts with Jud

Soon after we moved in to our home in a new community, I knew I needed to find a trainer.  I really enjoy a good run, but I also need someone to push me to circuit train - lift weights, strengthen my core, etc.  My husband kept mentioning a yoga factory just up the street, but I ignored him thinking it was only a yoga studio.  Boy did I find a gem once I finally tried that place! The environment is welcoming and positive, and the owner, Jud, and his yoga instructors are top-notch.  I have been training with Jud for almost 2 years now, and this place feels like a second home.  Weeknights and Saturday morning workouts boost my self-esteem and make me a much happier person to be around =)

6. Organic Florida Grapefruits

My aunt and uncle moved from Columbus to Sarasota, FL last year and have sent us a beautiful gift basket of Florida oranges and grapefruits for Christmas the past two years.  I mow through the grapefruits, while Ri prefers the oranges.  After we finished them off last year, I searched for a local comparison, but couldn't find one.  The closest thing we have around here is the organic variety.

I selected this for one of my samples in a Sephora reward and fell in love.  It's volumizing, but not clumpy and not crazy pricey.  Lately I have been feeling extra lazy and shall-we-say fresh-faced? This has been my go-to makeup item to liven up my au naturale face.

8.  Notes App on my iPhone

The Notes app native to my iPhone is my to-do list, idea catcher, and payment tracker.  I have always been big on electronic over paper, and this app is my lifeline.  I have a few notes that I share with my husband so we can have a centralized place for our goals and lists.

9.  Nylabones

Our baby girl is a chewer.  These bones are the only toy she doesn't destroy in under 3 minutes.  Tulip does some serious work on them when she has energy to burn or wants to entertain herself - "play independently" if you will.  The best part about nylabones is that they're designed well so she can hold them herself.  Her favs currently:

I just finished a little gallery wall of our fav pictures in our living room (been on my to-do list for over a year), and everyone who has stopped by since compliments it.  I am very satisfied with both the quality and pricing that Canvas People offers.  Sign up for their emails to stay up-to-date on the best promotions, but make sure to read the fine print on shipping costs!  Here's the latest addition to our living room:

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