Friday, January 1, 2016

Guess Who?

So yesterday, Ri and I went to his sister's for a New Year's Eve celebration.  This isn't just any celebration, his sister and her husband dream up special games to play throughout the day, write them on fortune cookie-type paper, and place the paper inside balloons.   The balloons are inflated with confetti and hung on one of the Christmas trees in their home.  Each hour from noon to 8pm, our nephew gets to pop that hour's balloon and play the game written on the paper.  The games we were there for included shaking-your-booty-while-trying-to-pop-balls-out-of-a-K-cup-box-with-a-hole-tied-to-you and Bingo! It is seriously the most precious day ever.  The excitement is written all over my nephew's face.

One of the day's games was Guess Who?... however, we have played this game many times before, so what did his creative parents do? Replaced all of the players with photos of people and pets in our family.  I was stunned.  Who thinks of this stuff?! It was beyond amazing seeing how much planning and sizing of the photos had gone into this.  I was truly in awe of their parenting genius.  While playing this game with his grandpa, our nephew asked "Does your person have a tail?".

And that folks, is why four year olds need to be frozen in time to forever capture their cuteness.

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